The first Random Rant – Shopping! Today! Really?


It’s the first day of 2012 and my day has been awesome. I woke up (without a hangover I might add), ate breakfast and I went skating. My fiance and I spent almost an hour enjoying the mild winter weather at Rundle Park.  I was already looking forward to my wedding this year, my new office and whatever else 2012 brings and the year started great.

For weeks I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to start off 2012 on Random Ramblings. And today it came to me. What the hell is going on in the world? It’s crazy out there. I could talk about Jersey Shore or how the Kardashians are popular? Those are issues too. I could talk about how Hollywood remakes similar films with recycled story lines. Or I could talk about how sports stars continue to let us down with poor choices. But I won’t. At least not today. Today I want to talk about why are stores open and why are we shopping. 2012’s first Random Rambling isn’t a rambling at all, it’s a Random Rant.

I looked around as we were driving to the frozen lake and almost every store we passed was open. Walmart, Red RobinSobeys – all open and I couldn’t believe it. Why are all those places open. Have we really gotten to the point where on New Year’s day, we need to run out and grab a new blue-ray player or to check out the bargains? I guess so, and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Are you kidding me? What happened to spending holidays with your family or your friends? Do you really need that new blue-ray player today? Are you telling me you can’t eat what’s at home?

When our parents were younger, most stores closed on Sundays and at 5 every day. Banks weren’t open weekends or open late. When I started working at Save-On Foods about 10 years ago, we closed 2 days a year (Christmas and New Year’s Day), but we closed early on Thanksgiving Sunday and Easter Sunday so staff could get home to visit their families. Now grocery stores are open until 11:00 p.m. 364 days a year. Come on man.

Whose to Blame?

I’d like to blame businesses for being open, but they are trying to make money. I’d like to blame consumers but apparently they can’t think ahead long enough to get milk, bread or that blue-ray player the day before. So I’ve decided to blame everyone.

I’m blaming shoppers who can’t wait another day or who can’t think far enough ahead to shop the day before. I’m blaming people who eat out today; if you ate at home, business owners wouldn’t make money and they’d close because they wouldn’t have customers. I’m blaming business owners who continue to put money before happiness. Your staff has family too. If you think they’re happy about working today, you’re wrong. And I’m blaming society because we brought ourselves to this spot. We brought ourselves here by filling out comment cards demanding extended hours and by not putting our families ahead in our own lives. We brought ourselves here and we probably can’t dig ourselves out.

Today’s Random Rant might not change anything. Stores will open on holidays and people will shop. But if you’re reading this, take a stand in your own life. Say enough is enough. Go shopping the day before or wait until tomorrow. If you are enjoying your day off, think about how that employee whose helping you would’ve liked to enjoy it too. Below is some last thoughts about holiday shopping.

  • Emergencies don’t apply. There are always situations where you need something quickly and I get that. My rant aims at those shoppers who need to think ahead.
  • If I’m going to call out those stores who open, I have to honour one that doesn’t. Costco closed today. So kudos to their ownership group for putting family before money. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know below today’s Random Rant. 

8 thoughts on “The first Random Rant – Shopping! Today! Really?

    • ronmycholuk

      Thanks very much. Stay tuned for more great stuff this year. I really enjoyed reading through some of your past posts as well.

  1. Rhonda

    I agree with you Ronald. I work for a grocery/retail giant and the only day we close is Christmas day. Last year we had three stores slated to be open Christmas day but a week before the higher ups changed their mind. I remember stores being closed on Sunday’s and all holidays. We need to get back to that as it seems people have forgotten how important family time is.

    • ronmycholuk

      There is almost nothing that people couldn’t get the day before or the day after. It’s getting so much about money that we are losing track of real priorities.

  2. Heather

    actually, it’s not just stores…bottom line here is people’s expectations for convenience…it’s everything, phones, stores, internet…if it doesn’t work people believe they have the right to be angry….just my thoughts….

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